A Taste Of Tuscan Orange

Tuscany is aglow in all its summer glory.

In sharp contrast to Comporta, where their world is dominated by verdant emerald rice paddies and never-ending white sands, this part of Tuscany is dominated by the glorious sunsets and meandering cypress alleyways marking the contours of the region. The temperatures are soaring and yet in their severity, there is beauty.

Travelling has never felt like such a luxury – because it has been denied and because others are not able to. It has been well worth the wait.

Tuscany has proferred up her distinguished colour palette and reminded me that vibrancy can be a key part of our summer dressing.

This new EDIT has been inspired by my Tuscan surroundings.

A shade of dress to march us autumn forwards, a new nail to swap out the nude or the pillar box red. Earrings to add a splash of colour and a cheeky reminder that summer is still shining, even if only in our hearts and minds. Fabulous mules to dress up our all black habit and a new lipstick is always the best idea.

Tuscan sun this way. xv

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