The Holiday Is Over: Back To Black

The Holiday Is Over: Back To Black on

IT FEELS LIKE, “back to school”.

My desire to refresh my black wardrobe essentials is a bit in the same vein. Funny how we can’t wait to float high on a wave of summer silks and satins and then when that passes we are excited and impatient for the winter woolens.

After an extended break where colour was king and comfort the rule of the day, I am ready for the uniformity of monochrome dressing. This is the wonder of seasonal life and what makes it bearable to farewell summer and welcome in the autumn. Black is not an exclusive choice but it is where I gravitate after a colourful sojourn. No doubt when I tire of a “city uniform”, I’ll be back searching for the vibrant.

For now, I am ready for tailored trousers and turtlenecks; sweater dresses worn with chunky boots. Cashmere sweats and hoodies or oversized sweaters accessorized with a scarf or three have suddenly appeared front of mind. I’m swapping out my wardrobe and drawers – the swimsuits and caftans are packed away to be replaced with the more heavy-duty.

Let’s start with the sweater dress.

I am a big fan of sweater dresses because they are easy.

You can wear them mid-calf or knee-length and be figure-hugging or relaxed, depending on your taste. Roll necks, round necks and boat necks all appeal to me. The same goes for the fabric – a jersey, cashmere, or a ribbed effect.

Wear them with or without tights depending on the month and try them with sneakers, loafers and boots. I like them with the chunky short boots popular this year and the Chelsea style of slip-on boot.

Sweater dresses are certainly not new – they won’t be our first rodeo but they are a tried and proven mid-season/winter fashion staple. They look equally great worn with a field jacket or an overcoat. A cute cardigan on top can do the job too.

The best news; a sweater dress gives all the style with none of the fuss.

Kick start “back to black” with one of these. xv

See my full EDIT of sweater dresses HERE.

they might look similar but they are all individual: different lengths, different neck styles, different fabrics and different pricepoints 

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