We’ve Never Seen Beyoncé Wear This Eye Shadow Shade Before

Beyoncé and her glam squad are elite. End of discussion, we will not be entertaining any further opinions on this! Case in point: the Tiffany & Co. brand ambassador‘s latest beauty look, which involves some vibrant, neon green eye shadow. It’s gorgeous, it’s bold, and it’s also not a color we’ve seen on Queen Bey, at least not in recent memory. Still, we’re totally into it. On September 23, the singer posted not one, but three carousels of the look to her Instagram.

The first of the three carousels she posted of the ensemble includes a selfie, providing us a close-up view of Bey’s electrifying eye shadow. It looks as if the bold hue was paired with a thick, black cat eye. It beautifully complemented her sequin-laden green mini dress, which boasted blooming floral appliqués.  

Regrettably (though, predictably), the singer left us all high and dry without dropping the makeup routine. Still, we and the rest of the Beyhive are just thankful that she is once again blessing our Instagram feeds in all her Virgo glory.

Though we don’t know the exact brand of the neon green shadow decorating the singer’s lids, there are definitely tons of shadows out there that look similar to the one she had on — plus, you don’t necessarily need an eye shadow per se to pull off this look. 

Filling in your lids with an eye pencil would work just as well. Try LA Girl’s Pastel Dream Auto Eyeliner in Magic Mint or Nyx Professional Makeup’s Epic Wear Liner Stick Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Chartreuse for a similar effect. However, if you prefer to use actual shadows, you’ve got plenty of options. We love About-Face’s Summer Shadowstick in Aliens R Real and the shade Designer from Colourpop’s Fade Into Hue Eye Shadow Palette, which recently picked up an Allure Best of Beauty Award

LA Girl Pastel Dream Auto Eyeliner in Magic Mint

Nyx’s Epic Wear Liner Stick Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Chartreuse

About-Face Summer Shadowstick in Aliens R Real



Colourpop Fade Into Hue Eye Shadow Palette

Look, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be recreating this look with some lime green eye shadow and the nearest green dress we can find.

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