Megan Thee Stallion’s Multi-Chrome Manicure Shifts Into Four Different Colors

We have to give a massive shoutout to nail artist Coca Michelle for going above and beyond with Megan Thee Stallion‘s manicures this year. For the spooky season alone, Meg has been giving us almost a new set each day — and not one has disappointed us. First, there was a white, vampire-inspired manicure, quickly followed by skeletal nails that appeared to glow in the dark, then a multicolored, bloodshot eyeball manicure. Now, for the fourth manicure of October, she’s rocking the cutest multicolored manicure that looks like the Northern Lights (aka the Aurora Borealis). 

This manicure sadly didn’t get its own Instagram post, but she did show off the nails in a video shared on October 9. In the short clip, she jokingly complains about having to do her own hair while hairstylist Kellon Deryck recovers from an injury. As she smooths Mielle Organics’s Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Styling Gel with an edge control brush onto her head, you can catch a glimpse of the lengthy, color-shifting nails. Michelle created a multi-chrome effect on these nails so they look olive, burgundy, purple, and gold all at once. The gorgeous swirls of color look out of this world on the coffin shape Michelle sculpted. 

We’re a little sad that the Hot Girl Captain didn’t give this prismatic manicure its own post, but we love that we at least got a quick look at it. She actually wore this nail set during her performance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, so this manicure definitely got the quality facetime it deserves. As always, we’ll be here to gush over whatever creative nail art she shows us next.

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