Crayon Case’s 18-Pan Blush Binder Has Every Shade You Could Ever Need

I know just how intimidating the Blush Binder looks at first. If you’re not sure where to start, Tommy recommends matching your blush to the undertone of the lipstick you have on. Just rub your lipstick onto the inside of your wrist to figure the latter out. “If I’m wearing an intense wine-colored lip that blends out to fuchsia, I’d pair it with a magenta blush,” he explains. You can also simply place the palette next to your face while looking into a mirror and see which shades coordinate best with the rest of your makeup, Tommy adds. 

So far, I’ve only truly worked with about six of the 18 shades, mainly the reds and pinks, but I already have looks in mind for the remaining 12. I plan on pairing the burgundy and mocha hues from the second page with a green smoky eye. There’s even an autumnal orange hue that I’m dying to pair with eye shadow and lipstick in a similar color or a matte burgundy lid instead. I haven’t made plans for the baby pink or tan hues just yet, but I have a feeling they’ll look good with anything. 

The Crayon Case Blush Binder


The Crayon Case

For $46, you can get your hands on this impressive 18-pan Crayon Case Blush Binder at

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