Inside RFLCT, a Skin-Care Line by Gamer Rachell Hofstetter

Thus, after two years of development in partnership with brand incubator Ideavation Labs, RFLCT was born. “I really wanted something that was unisex and for everyone to use, no matter what gender or what age… something very basic,” Hofstetter recalls. That’s exactly what she’s delivered.

The collection, which launched on October 19, currently consists of five staple products, each of which Hofstetter says “[have] a very unique blend that is a BLPF (Blue Light Prevention Factor).” The blend is “specifically designed to block blue light.” Although we can’t be privy to the exact ingredients found in this proprietary (read: top secret) BLPF, cosmetic chemist Ginger King clarifies that “only iron oxides, titanium dioxides, and carotenoids have the ability to fight against blue light.” That said, we still recommend wearing a daily physical sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher — yes, even indoors — alongside this line for maximum protection. 

Like Hofstetter, I’ve also experienced some serious eye strain after mindless Instagram scrolling sessions and have even invested in a pair of prescription blue light glasses. That being said, putting this skin-care line to the test was an absolute no-brainer. 

Resurrection Eye Mask

RFLCT Resurrection Eye Mask

Eye masks are admittedly one of my favorite skin-care products, and not just because they make for a fun photo op. They’re also fantastic for hydrating the undereyes before applying concealer, so I always have one on hand when I’m doing my makeup. This mask’s key ingredients include the brand’s proprietary BLPF and brightening caffeine, which work together to reduce the appearance of undereye fatigue. 

Per the brand’s instructions, I let them sit under my eyes for a good 10 minutes while I was doing my eye makeup. Little did I know that wearing this eye mask would be like letting ice cubes sit on my face, but I didn’t mind one bit. Luckily, the skin under my eyes was happy, too, because no creases were in the making after putting on my concealer. 

Lip Guard Moisture Balm

RFLCT Lip Guard Moisture Balm

There can never be enough lip balm in this world, especially for someone like me who has extremely dry skin. So, of course, this lip balm was up next on my to-try list. Thanks to shea butter, which, King says, “provides intense hydration,” I no longer had the urge to incessantly lick my lips after the first use. It’s not often that I come across a lip balm with a strong, earthy scent, and this potent, refreshing smell put me in relaxation mode ahead of a good night’s sleep. 

Aura Reset Facial Gel Cleanser

RFLCT Reset Gel Facial Cleanser

I’m really not one to reach for acid-based gel cleansers, but I was in for a pleasant surprise when I tried this one. The cleanser features a blend of lactic and glycolic acids, with the latter being my initial concern. Pittsburgh-based board-certified dermatologist Lindsey Zubritsky, M.D., previously told Allure that using too much of a product that contains glycolic acid may cause a host of skin issues such as irritation or dryness, which has happened to me a few times when getting overzealous with a skin-care product. 

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