Wardrobe Essentials :Forever And A Day

“Forever”, when it concerns wardrobe essentials, has changed.
What we once considered essential, may be no longer.

Our social habits have changed, our working environments are different, and our fashion choices are very much different from what they once were. Much of the formality has been swapped for lifestyle wear and the informal become more important.

What is essential?

Many pieces are essential and for each woman, they vary depending on personal style, taste and habit. What shows its face day on day for some might never see the light of day for others.

There are some non-negotiables for me and within those pieces, many subgroups. This is a beginning EDIT – a place to start – and to delve further in later conversations. What should be included is difficult to decipher, as choice becomes confusing and the one conclusion, I have drawn is about my street style pieces. They have multiplied as their importance has increased. A stray pair of cashmere pants has now been replaced with pairs in different styles because the leg lengths and widths now count. Jackets have taken new directions and more relaxed shapes are taking space in a formally more tailored closet.

Watching fashion evolve in this way makes me realise the concept of “forever” pieces is forever flexible and fluid.

Start here.

I have gone back to the trench.

We had a hiatus for a few years, but we are re-united and wearing each other well. The trench is really one of the true workhorses in the wardrobe.

The overcoat has many disguises.

Like handbags and shoes, there can never be too many. I like single-breasted and double-breasted, and I do love the look of a wrap. A coat is a solid and important investment and the crowning glory of our winter essentials.

A blazer doesn’t have to speak office.

Think velvet, tweed and wear it oversized or with sweatpants, like I do now – promise it works.

Always and forever the sweater dress.

A dress that has seen many interpretations and reincarnations but one I believe is suitable for most women.

Black pants and a white blouse.

The varieties are endless and the wardrobe could be a hanging testament to the versatility of a good white shirt and pair of black trousers.

Who can forget the turtleneck?

If I had to choose one item to wear daily in the winter it would be this; a white or black tee would be the summer counterpart. This one is the one.

Accessories are voyage of discovery.

As many and as varied as your imagination has energy – a little like traveling. Some are prolific and others prefer to keep it simple. Chelsea boots, a pair of mules and a couple of woollen wraps are some of my inclusions.

What about the handbag? The tote and the heels? Where are the other sweaters and the favourite jeans?

All essential and all worth highlighting. We will and soon. xv

The full WARDROBE ESSENTIALS edit is here.

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