Morphe’s Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold Is Not Your Average Disney Collection

Though Mickey Mouse is not the first character created by Walt Disney, he is the one who started his legacy. Since the 1920s, the cartoon mouse has been a constant in countless people’s lives and a major source of branding for everything related to the Walt Disney Company (you’d recognize those distinctive mouse ears anywhere). It only makes sense that Mickey Mouse would receive so many tributes, including a ton of makeup collections — and Morphe has made one of the best ones yet. 

Morphe has collaborated with Disney to create the Mickey & Friends Truth Be Bold Collection that launches on Sunday, October 31. This collection introduces five new products to the Morphe family with two eye shadow palettes, a brush set, a lipstick set, and a handheld mirror, all inspired by Mickey Mouse and his many friends, including Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. So you’ll notice that some of the colors used in this collection reflect hues we’ve seen on these anthropomorphic animals through the years. 

The Truth Be Bold Artistry Palette ($32), which is the larger of the two palettes, has 35 impressive shimmer and matte eye shadow shades. If you look closely, you can see an imprint of Mickey’s, Minnie’s, and some of the other characters’ faces embedded in the shadows. This impressive palette is not for fans of neutral makeup looks; it’s full of colorful hues like Wild One (lime green) and Awe Goody (lavender). Perhaps you’ll want to focus on the blue hues in the fourth row of the palette to create a monochromatic moment or blend the orange, pink, and purple hues together for vibrant eye makeup

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