27 Best Stocking Stuffers That’ll Impress Just About Anyone

For the more advanced at-home manicurist, Orly’s Mini Gel Lamp will make the polish-and-set process a breeze. Add the festive Perfect Pair Lacquer + Gels in Untouchable Decadence to get them started. 

Home & Lifestyle Stocking Stuffers

Polaroid Hi·Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer

Skullcandy Stash Mini Portable Battery Pack

Once you’ve assisted family and friends with getting their beauty looks together, give them something to remember the moment by. The Polaroid Hi-Print 2×3 Pocket Photo Printer is a Bluetooth-enabled mini device that lets them print pics on the spot.

With up to 20 hours of power available, the Skullcandy Stash Mini Portable Battery Pack will ensure that all devices are fully juiced and there are no dead phone mishaps on Christmas morning. 

Aromatherapy Associates Mini Moment Forest Therapy

Heyday Airpod Silicone Case With Clip

For the person in your life that could use some relaxing me-time, this Aromatherapy Associates Mini Moment Forest Therapy is a thoughtful little gift they can enjoy in their own home. A blend of evergreen, pink pepper fruit, juniper berry, Mediterranean cypress, and Sicilian lemon will fill their space to deliver a calming and balancing experience from the inside out.

If you know someone who’s getting (or just got! a set of Airpods, the Heyday Airpod Silicone Case With Clip makes for a delightful little accessory they didn’t know they needed. The silicone case protects the pods’ charging case while also adding a chic touch due to the gold ring clip and five cool colors, ranging from stone white to dusty coral and bright orange.

Saje Natural Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition

W&P Design Matcha Whisk & Milk Frother

The Saje Natural Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition is the ideal work-from-home companion. The five-piece set of rollerball bottles looks to essential oil blends — including peppermint and grapeseed oils — to help soothe physical and mental ailments like stress or an upset stomach. “Aromatherapy can be beneficial in the management of certain symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea, and insomnia,” Megan E. Voss, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing and director of integrative therapy, pediatric blood, and marrow transplant at the school’s Masonic Children’s Hospital, previously told Allure

Got a coffee lover in your life? Or someone who’s getting into making matcha at home? The W&P Design Matcha Wisk & Milk Frother is the perfect little addition to their kitchen. The adorable green, battery-powered tool can whip up a cup of matcha, froth milk for a steaming cappuccino, or even blend together ingredients for sauces and dressings. No matter what they use it for, this handy little tool is a kitchen must-have.

Now that you’ve gotten through this story, we hope you’ve found some thoughtful gifting inspiration. The best part is that you can further split these sets amongst friends for even smaller (yet very delightful) treats. Check out our other holiday gifting ideas to get into the seasonal spirit.

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