I Totally Get Why the Nyx Bare With Me Concealer Serum Went Viral on TikTok

Am I technically on TikTok? Yes. Does my iPhone have to go through the reinstalling process every time I go to open it because of how infrequently I use it? Also yes. And nearly every time I’m motivated to revisit the app, it’s because a colleague has told me that a beauty product is going viral on it. More often than not, it turns out I’ve reinstalled TikTok for no good reason — but the attention Nyx Professional Makeup Bare With Me Concealer Serum is getting is completely justified.

TikTok content creator @_rakhstarbeauty posted a review of the $11 concealer in late October, and in a little over a week, it has been watched nearly 350,000 times. “Believe me when I tell you I got my ass up and went to Ulta just to find this concealer,” she says, holding up the little pump tube. After saying it reminds her of the Readers’ Choice Award-winning MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, she applies it directly to her brush and paints it on and lets it sit for a bit before blending with a sponge.

“This blended in really nicely, and as you can see, it’s very hydrating, but not oily and, like, slippy,” she says, referring to the obvious glowiness of the finish as well as the likelihood that it will actually stay in place. “I love that this doesn’t look thick and creamy like a lot of full-coverage hydrating concealers can look,” she adds after completing her entire makeup look. “It looks very natural, you don’t need a lot, it blends in really easily, and I think it looks really nice.” 

And it does! So, naturally, I wanted to try it myself. 

Had it been up to me, I probably wouldn’t have called this liquid concealer a serum. It has ingredients you might find in a skin-care serum — moisturizing glycerin, antioxidant green tea and vitamin E, soothing cica, and even snow mushroom — but it feels a bit more substantial than a serum. That said, it’s by no means heavy or thick or hard to spread. That said, a little goes a long way, and the buildable coverage is at least medium-level on the first layer.

Nyx Professional Makeup Bare With Me Concealer Serum

Normally, a concealer so apparently pigmented is not usually my friend. My undereye skin has started inviting concealer into its fine lines in recent years, and it doesn’t appreciate when I tug at thicker, less-hydrating formulas in an attempt to blend it out of the crevices. Nyx Bare With Me Concealer Serum is a double exception: Not only does it avoid very obvious settling into lines, but its super smooth texture means easy and beautiful blending both out of the fine lines if necessary and seamlessly into the surrounding skin.

But none of that matters if it doesn’t actually conceal, right?

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