25 Gift Ideas From Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Many businesses are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, especially Black-owned brands and shopfronts. Thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement, many of these companies were brought to the forefront last year. However, we want to make sure these brands stay on your radar especially for the upcoming holiday season. What’s better than a thoughtful gift for your bestie? Thoughtful gifts from Black-owned businesses.

Before you start worrying about where to start, we’ve done the work to help make your shopping experience easier. Whether it’s artisanal handmade shea butter from Nigeria or carefully crafted gold bracelets made in Brooklyn, we’ve got a gift for every person on your list. Yes, this includes your ride-or-die best friends, your hip mom who’s now on TikTok doing every dance challenge imaginable, and even your sibling who secretly idolizes you but will never admit it — there’s a present to fit the cast of characters in your circle in this gift guide.

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