Jeremy Fragrance Wants to Help You Find Your Signature Scent

It’s Jeremy’s job as an internet sensation to somehow translate the notes of particular fragrances into a visual medium without any smell. This is where his blunt, unfiltered feedback comes in. In a recent video, he pans over a table full of fragrance bottles, asking simply: “Which is a good one?”(Versace Eros Flame? “No.” Versace Eros? “Yesss.”) In another video, this time focusing on women’s scents, Jeremy pans to a series of luxury perfumes to state which will make you smell “sexy or not.” Chanel No. 5 and Gucci Bloom don’t make the cut, receiving a simple “not sexy” uttered with a certain vitriol as Jeremy pans to the next victim — er — review. He gives very little (if any) reasoning for these decisions, forcing the viewer to merely trust his nose’s judgement.

Of course, that doesn’t mean his opinion is the end all be all when it comes to finding a signature scent — something even Jeremy himself admits. Jeremy recommends opting for “the one that triggers the strongest confidence in you.” And it’s ideal to have at least three go-to scents — “a fresh and clean, a sweet and sexy, and a bold and loud” — because one scent won’t fit every occasion.

On top of all his reviews of more classic, luxury scents, Jeremy also dips his nose into celebrity fragrance territory — and doesn’t shy away from posting controversial opinions. He’s adamant that Jennifer Lopez’s line of fragrances isn’t his favorite celebrity perfume; instead, it’s Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur. (But, fear not Arianators, he staunchly approves of Ariana Grande’s fan-favorite Cloud perfume.)

“For men, there are not many good ones,” Jeremy says of the category. “I would like to do one for Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

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