Dyson’s Hair Tools Are 20 Percent Off, But Not for Long

Psst: If these so happen to sell out, Nordstrom Rack also sells refurbished Dyson hair tools at a discounted price, and no previous purchase nor special code is necessary.

Dyson’s selection of air purifiers is great for dealing with seasonal allergies, unwanted odors, or if you just want a breath of fresh air when you’re home. The Pure Cool not only draws out pollen, bacteria, odors, and pet dander from the air, but also has a cooling option to act as a fan when you need to chill out. Plus, Rewards Owners will be happy to know that Pure Cool is also part of the exclusive sale, so members can save an extra 20 percent off its already-slashed prices.

That’s not the only air purifier markdown you’ll find on Dyson’s site. The Pure Humidify + Cool, a gizmo that purifies, humidifies, and cools the air all at once, is $120 off its original price. This Wi-Fi-compatible purifier also does a quick scan of the air in your home to provide information on temperature, humidity, airborne particles, and gas levels in real-time. Meanwhile, the Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic has all the features of the former with the added benefit of being able to remove formaldehyde that’s released from household items.

This is a sign that you need a new vacuum, specifically from Dyson’s lot of marked-down ones. Dyson Rewards Owner invitees will have access to 20 percent off quite a few full-priced cordless and stand-up options. One of our favorites includes the new Omni-Glide, a cord-free stick vacuum that takes up little space and is perfect for hard floors and tough-to-reach spaces. It’s perfect to use when you drop your eye shadow palette and pigments go flying (haven’t we all been there?).

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty vacuum, look no further than the Ball Animal 2. As the name suggests, this option can suck up all of the dog or cat hair lingering deep within your carpets. This vacuum also works on wood, tile, and vinyl floors with ease.

We didn’t forget about those of you who aren’t part of the Rewards Member event. The Outsize stick vacuum, which features a full-size dust bin, powerful suction, and a two-hour cordless run time, is currently $200 off its original price. And as you can expect, participants of the Dyson member-exclusive event can use their special code to nab an extra 20 percent off this device.

These are just a few of the many items you can grab now on during its savings event, running now through December 12. But make sure to check this page for more Dyson deals as we get closer to Black Friday weekend — seriously, you won’t want to miss these deals.

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