The “Not Really” A Holiday Gift Guide

The Not Really A Holiday Gift Guide on

This year I am approaching the “gift guide” in a different fashion.

I’m not making the top ten can’t live without ideas or the beauty best list, not even his and hers extravaganza wish lists.

Every branded email, Instagram post and story I receive is a guide for what to buy for the holidays. I do enjoy them and take notes but this year I thought I would play the game differently. I’m going to focus on us full-time. Maybe it is because I am super organised this year and have my gifts chosen or maybe it is because we women nurture everyone in our lives constantly, without judgment, without self-interest and to the very best of our ability. I feel like being looked after and I thought you might too. Selfish? I don’t think so and I am not for one minute forgoing generosity to others – it is the time to be even more considerate and generous – but let’s include us in the gift-giving.

When I see find something I like/love/covet, or think is fabulous I am going to share it with you.

Today it’s embroidery and needlepoint, slipper style.

I saw these Valentina embroidered slippers and fell down a rabbit hole of options that are less of a major investment and more doable. These yellow and pink Manolos had me desperate for some fun footwear. And what about these embroidered boots?

Like the red we talked about last week; a little colour and design is always a good idea. xv

The “Not Really” A Holiday Gift Guide

needlepoint parrot flat  ||  needlepoint fleur de lys  ||  beatrice embroidered  ||  dragonfly embroidered

antler embroidered  ||  needlepoint tweed  ||  queen bee embroidered  ||  valentina embroidered

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