Halsey Just Got Orange Hair Down to There

I almost can’t keep up with Halsey and her ever-changing hairstyles. I swear, mere days before writing this post, she was rocking a short, black pixie cut at the BTS concert in Los Angeles. Fast forward to Thursday, December 9, and the singer and songwriter posted to her Instagram two photos that are bursting with color. Quite notably, my eyes went straight to the rainbow of colors blended to perfection on her eyelids with long, wispy lashes. She captioned the two photos “Extra Special Flavor @aboutfacebeauty,” giving a not-so-subtle shoutout to her beauty brand.

While Halsey’s makeup grabbed my attention first, her glossy hair was a close second. If you haven’t heard of the beauty term liquid hair, similar in its traits to glass skin, it’s exactly what Halsey is giving us with her new waist-long, ombré-red locks. I’m assuming this is a wig because, I reiterate, her hair was shoulder-length less than a week prior. Still, I’m dying to know what hair products she used to give that much reflection in these photos. (My guess is a really good hair oil, but I’m open to bets!) Of course, the singer matched her colorful makeup and hair with a plaid bodysuit and a cut-out dress she wore on top to finish the look. 

With so many things going on in this photo — we’re talking hair down to her you know what, a rainbow of makeup colors with a cloud outline to match on her eyelids, and her finger to toe one-piece — I almost forgot to mention that glossy peach lip! My guess is that it’s About-Face Light Lock Lip Gloss. But the real question here: is she teasing any new product releases? Only time will tell. 

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