Another One For You: Winter White And All White

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There is One combination that really works during the winter.

The all-white, all-over outfit.

I really like winter white and find it an easy one to wear, especially on a weekend away when you don’t want to travel with too much luggage. A couple of weekends ago, in Devon, the all-white was my go-to. It was a very casual hotel so the choice was easy; glam was out of the question.

I packed cream track pants and a couple of sweaters in a similar shade of winter white with different necklines. I wore my trainers or rubber boots depending on where we were headed. The inexpensive puffer jacket, in cream, I shared with you several weeks ago was perfect for the night as the winter whites merged well. This jacket has been my very fabulous find of the season.

Light trainers were my go-to with darker boots during the day.

If you are all-whiting at home then I would be wearing some cute embroidered slippers.

Looking for an elegant but casual way to walk through the holidays? Try the winter whites together. xv

Winter White / All White

these sweaters

cashmere mock neck   ||  cable knit turtleneck  || **v neck cashmere

with these pants

ribbed sweatpants  ||  high-rise cotton sweatpants  ||  fleece sweatpants  ||  cotton sweatpants + this puffer jacket in cream

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