27 Creative New Year’s Eve Nail Art Ideas

You know the old adage that says however you spend your New Year’s Eve decides how you’ll spend the rest of the next year? Anyone who lived through December 31, 2019 knows that’s B.S., so we’re making a little edit: let your New Year’s nails can manifest all the joy, creativity, and tiny little rhinestones headed your way in the year to come. 

Whether you prefer the traditional New Year’s sparkle, a colorful hand-painted confetti party, or glittery zebra stripes, we guarantee there’s a New Year’s nail design that will resonate with your resolution (or at the very least, your outfit). Resourceful nail artists are using stamps, stickers, wraps, foil, and more to bring their visions to life. Some of these mini works of art will feel on-theme all the way from Christmas Eve through Valentine’s Day, and others — like one manicure that features a clock striking midnight — are singularly honed in on New Year’s Eve. 

Not every manicure on our list has glitter, but we are talking New Year’s Eve, so a disproportionate amount of nail art will have you breaking out the most shimmery polish you own. If glitter’s not your thing, nail artists are also using winter blues, deep blacks, and festive gold to get into the spirit. And just remember, you don’t need to be out all night in a party dress to rock holiday nail art — these designs will look just as good from your couch.

Ahead, find our favorite New Year’s nail designs to recreate at home (or to screenshot and take to the salon). Whether you turn your fingers into a champagne glass — you’ll see what we mean below — or simply wrap your nails around the stem of one at midnight, we’re wishing you the best and brightest year to come.