I Am Mesmerized by Alicia Keys’s Meta Braid

It’s probably safe to say that, no matter what, Alicia Keys‘s hairstyle of choice will always be a braid or a slick bun. In fact, the singer-songwriter and co-creator of Keys Soulcare is seldom seen without wearing one of these looks. But even though the braid (and the bun) never seem to get a break, Keys’s new meta braid looks unlike the anything we’ve seen before. 

Keys shared some snapshots of her latest braided hairstyle via Instagram on December 18. The first photo of the 10-picture montage makes it clear that braids literally stacked upon braids are what give Keys’s hairstyle a little bit more pizzazz than her other braids. The mini braids wrapped around the base and a section of her larger braider seem to be slightly darker than the rest of her dark brown hair, so perhaps some synthetic braids were intertwined with the singer’s natural hair? Regardless, the effect is incredible. 

Keys did have her reasons (a very important one, if you will) for going all out with her hair. As stated in the caption of her Instagram post, she got all dressed up to celebrate Keys: The Album with a musical performance in Los Angeles on December 17. 

The singer-songwriter’s signature edges — AKA baby hairs — also made an appearance. She didn’t reveal who the hairstylist behind her beautiful braid and perfectly laid edges is, but whoever they are, they’re giving us a master class in how to turn something ordinary into extraordinary. 

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And it turns out that Keys’s larger-than-life meta braid wasn’t the only hairstyle she was serving for the night. The last photo of her carousel shows her raising a glass while wearing a braided ponytail that goes down to her hips. Who would have thought that she could pull off two amazing hairstyles in one night? Then again, she’s Alicia Keys, so of course she could.

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