Virgo Horoscope 2022: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

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Happy 2022, beautiful Virgo. You’re a quick-thinking Earth sign, known for your hard work, practical nature, and brilliant mind. And, of course, you’re the low-key kinkiest sign of the zodiac. You’re ruling planet is meticulous Mars, the messenger of the gods. As a result, you tend to be a fantastic communicator and often help others find their voice. The only fly in the ointment is all of those annoying Mercury retrogrades you have to survive. 

The first of the year begins on Friday, January 14, and lasts until Thursday, February 3. As a reminder, Mercury retrogrades make communication difficult, cause us to make embarrassing typos or text the wrong person, and infamously bring exes back from the grave. Because Mercury is your ruling planet, you tend to be extra affected by these retrogrades, which happen multiple times a year. Just double-check the fine print on important documents, allow additional travel time, and do not risk letting stress into your life by replying to a toxic ex’s DM.

There’s a powerful full moon in your sign on Friday, March 18. Fulls moons are a time of culmination. If you’ve been working hard on a professional project, these are the days when you finally complete it (or receive welcome praise for your work). However, full moons can leave you feeling on edge because they bring out our primal nature. Yes, Virgo, you are a drama queen, but hold back from starting any fights. Instead, channel your energy into hot sex, either with a partner or by yourself with a new sex toy.

Mercury goes retrograde again on Tuesday, May 10, before finally going direct on Friday, June 3. During this time, consider investing more into your mental health. For example, begin a meditation practice or start working with a therapist if you haven’t already. Mercury retrogrades will happen every few months, but they’ll become much more bearable if you have a solid self-care plan in place. Communication flows much more manageable when your ruling planet, Mercury, comes home to your sign, Virgo, on Thursday, August 4. It will stay there through Thursday, August 25. But still, Virgo, get that self-care plan into place. You’re the healer of the zodiac, but your efforts must begin with yourself.

The sun enters your sign, kicking off Virgo season, on Monday, August 22. Happy solar return! 2022 is a year about staying true to oneself and personal independence, primarily because Saturn, the planet of responsibility is paired with independent Aquarius. As a result, your assignment is to stay true to yourself. If you want a birthday bash, go for it, Virgo, but don’t feel guilty if you prefer a quiet night in or a low-key romantic date night.