These Meal Delivery Kits Make Dinnertime Way Less Stressful

It’s yet another night with the same age-old question: To cook, or to order in food? Thankfully, now you can (kind of?) have both, thanks to the best meal delivery services. These game-changing kits fuse the ease of takeout and the tastiness of home-cooked meals to make your time in the kitchen actually enjoyable. 

Not only do these meals save you time at the grocery store, but they also shave off precious minutes at home. Many of these meal kits provide every ingredient you need and just the right amount of them for perfectly-sized portions for two (or, for singles, dinner and lunch for the next day). For those who truly can’t be bothered with stepping into the kitchen or meal prepping, there are also quite a few prepared meals that are microwave- or oven-ready the moment they arrive at your door — just pop it in for reheating, and dinner is served.

But that doesn’t mean at-home cooks with more intricate tastebuds will be disappointed because many of our favorite meal kit companies have teamed up with top chefs to curate their lineups and recipes. Those with dietary preferences will also be happy to know that there is a nearly infinite range of nutritious meals from these food services to choose from. As a bonus, many of these meals can be tailored to suit your needs, plus quite a few are already focused on catering to specific diets, like gluten-free and pescatarians. And if you’re on the lookout for meals that’ll satisfy you and your kids’ palettes, there are quite a few family-friendly kits to choose from, too.

We get that picking the right meal plan for you can be tricky, so let us help out. Below, we’re breaking down some of the best meal kit delivery services that provide high-quality ingredients and a variety of meal options that’ll save you from many grocery shopping trips.

Pricing is based on serving size unless otherwise noted.

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