All the Foundations That Went Viral on TikTok This Year

If there’s one thing the rise of TikTok (specifically BeautyTok) has shown us, it’s that real-time results in reviews of makeup applicators, eye creams, hair accessories, and more drive sales. One category, in particular, that I’ve become infatuated with is viral foundations, which tend to sell out faster than Harry Styles tickets. In many videos, everything from swatches to application strategy and end-of-day wear is documented and left for viewers to discuss in the comment section — which happens to be my favorite part of the app.

Even as a beauty editor who has tried hundreds of foundations varying in coverage, shade range, and finish, I sometimes feel overwhelmed walking down the makeup aisle of my local Target or Sephora with the countless options and claims at hand. To counter that staggering feeling, content creators like Mikayla Nogueira has created a beauty empire on the app, reviewing those buzzing products, giving them her stamp of approval or a polite pass — foundation routines included.

Below, you will find a roundup of foundations (both powder and liquid) that were cleared off the shelves from department stores and even “sold out” online at some point in 2021 — all vetted by Allure editors.

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