Solaana MD Healthy Base Layer Hydrates My Sensitive Skin

Aw, Nicola’s blushing! I hear it a lot — and no, I’m not embarrassed; it’s just rosacea. With inflammation, dryness, and puffiness perpetually lurking around the corner, I have to stick to thick face moisturizers with bare-bones formulas (that means no fragrances and a limited amount of active ingredients), lest I awaken The Beast. Solaana MD’s Healthy Base Layer, which recently earned a recurring spot in my nightly skin-care roster, is a perfect example. This rich, whipped cream infused with vitamin D melts into skin instead of sitting on top of it and keeps my irritable skin simultaneously soothed and plump — a rare find, if you ask me.

You’ll find Solaana MD’s Healthy Base Layer in the January 2022 Allure Beauty Box.