8 Celebrities Write Open Love Letters to Their Glam Teams

Misha, we met on a trip to New York where I felt very far from home and out of my element. That day, you ran with me to the store to get hosiery on the way to an event. That’s intimacy from the jump. You hold down anything I do on the East Coast and we’ve traveled as far as Manila together. You bring a toughness to glam and a refinement to edge that balances me so beautifully and makes me feel like such a true, elevated version of myself.

You both have seen me at my most intimate and vulnerable, and through your skills and character, have made me feel beautiful.


6. Logan Browning + Nai’vasha

My Dearest Nai’vasha,

When I’m with you it feels like home. I always know I’m safe in every imaginable way. You are a living legend and I absolutely love collaborating with you. YOU ARE MAGIC!

You have such a natural, giving nature and I am one of the many beneficiaries of the sacrifices you’ve made to be the incredible artist you are today. I appreciate you so much! You have traveled on last-minute flights to make sure that I’m comfortable with the glam for an event or shoot. You’ve rolled in straight from the airport with the most cheerful disposition and pulled off hair art some can only dream to emulate. I’ll never forget when we were in New Orleans and had 20 minutes to get a look together. You left the hotel and found a jewelry vendor on the sidewalk, bought wire off of him, came back into the room, wrapped my hair up for the GODS, and sent me on my fabulous way. We always have so much fun.

I love play-fighting with you and [makeup artist] Tasha [Reiko Brown] about which look is our collective favorite. We are truly sister-aunties. We have shared meals, dating stories, and bathrooms. It doesn’t get much closer than that.

I’m so happy to see you are in a season of life that is now about giving to yourself. It is past time for you to receive! I’m so proud of you for creating your hair products, for being the most incredible mom, and for truly advocating for yourself. I will always support you in every endeavor the way you have always supported me.