Peyton List’s New Brand Pley Beauty Will Force You Out of Your Beauty Comfort Zone

Courtesy of brand

To take your makeup playtime to the next level, List also has a selection of four sets of face stickers called Pley Things ($16 to $24). In the sets, you’ll find gems shaped like stars and stickers, that are meant to mimic the appearance of a flick of winged eyeliner. 


To say that I was impressed with the lip tint, which is known as Lip Habit ($20), would be an understatement. I was completely blown away, not just because of the color but because of the way that it happily sat on my eternally dry lips without crusting throughout the day. The color I tried, Strawberry Jam (a tickled pink), looks hot pink in the tube, but once it hit my lips, it imparted a rich, juicy wash of candy apple red that was completely unexpected. I tend to reach for mauvy pink colors, but this tint convinced me I should also make room for a red lip now. 

If you’re not really a fan of colors with a red hue, however, the lip tint comes in four other shades: Vanilla Bean (an iridescent, shimmery white), Summer Watermelon (a salmon red), Notorious F.I.G. (a mulberry purple), and Orange Sunshine (a coral orange).  

Courtesy of brand
Courtesy of brand

Pley also has another lip product, a lip volumizer called Lust & Found ($20), that I have not yet to try. Available in 10 shades — Ava, Billie, Ethel, Grace, Carmen, Ginger, Lupe, Mae, Jean, and Josephine —  the selection features a variety of pinks and warm, neutral colors.

Pley Beauty x Cobra Kai

List’s brand also partnered with Sony Pictures to create a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by the show Cobra Kai, in which she plays Tory Nichols. The collection consists of five products, including the Energizing Facial Mist ($20), Lip Habit ($20), Pley Things ($12), Sweep the Cheek ($20), and a Pleyer Palette ($38).