Red, White And Blue: A Surprise

I love surprises; who doesn’t.

When it comes to dressing up – or dressing down – the element of surprise rarely exists. When you have been parting the rails for as many years as me the finding-something-fun moments are rare.

Great style for me is always about the mix; the way all the pieces are put together. It’s not about the amount of investment but where that commitment is made. It is neither good-looking nor necessary to spend wildly on every item in your wardrobe. The moderate and “clever” finds can elevate the expensive to another level. I think it’s called the individual or our personal signature. That’s the mode of dressing I prefer whether it’s the graphic tee under a perfectly tailored pinstripe or a band of beaded necklaces with a gloriously floating caftan. My current crush.

These dresses are a moderate price, look super cute worn with our best paraphernalia and a lick of venetian red lipstick.

Thinking of sparkling seas, white sandy beaches, and a swaying palm leaf?

Always. xv

Surprise, Surprise

mirage maxi   ||  dahlia embroidered maxi  ||  bonita floral print  ||  rare feeling pleated  ||  ain’t she a beaut in hot spring  ||  pink en saison

never too many around the neck

initials (stack your babies)  ||  alphabet soup  ||  shine in citrine   ||  lauren rubinski   ||  martha calvo smiley  ||  jackpot pearl  || beaded dream

and pick a colour, any colour as long as it’s bright and fun

red fuschia  ||  vivid coral  ||  venetian red  ||  chinese lacquer  ||  all here

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