21 Fragrances TikTok Can’t Get Enough Of

If TikTok‘s going to make you do anything, it’s shop, and in this case of social media made me buy it, we have… a number of fragrances. If you spend any significant (or sometimes, insignificant) time on the app, you’ll likely accidentally scroll yourself into an add-to-cart situation. Believe us, it’s a situation we’ve been in plenty of times. Tiktok has us hoarding banana hair clips, grooming our bits with a beard trimmer, and filling in our brows with a stencil and stamp.

And just like those purchases we still don’t regret, we’ve discovered more than a few scents on the app to fall in love with thanks to TikTok’s community of “fragheads.” And as a whole, they’ve got a wide range of tastes. The most popular scents on TikTok come from beauty and designer brands you are familiar with, niche and indie ones you may not be, and a few celebrity offerings here and there. 

We’re not going to overlook the fact that frag hunting can get expensive especially if you’ve got a taste for niche brands. There is juice on this list that can run you over $300 a bottle. Fortunately, TikTok is for the people, and are also plenty of popular options that won’t set you back a ton and still smell like heaven. We mean it — even if your budget is more like two figures instead of three, there’s something on here you (and everyone around you) will absolutely love. Of course, if you’re in the mood for a splurge, we’ve got that, too. 

There are dozens of fragrances that have a hold on#perfumeTok. If you’re making an initial dive into that side of the social media app, here are a few you’ll see a lot of.

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