Sephora Now Sells Sexual Intimacy Products

Many people who’ve bought a sex toy are all too familiar with the stress of foraging through rows of phallic silicone at a seedy shop or questionable website. Thankfully, those days are long gone — shopping for intimate accessories and devices has gotten much better over the years, and now it’ll be even easier because you can officially find sex toys at Sephora

After years of being one of your favorite beauty retailers, Sephora’s dipping its toes into sexual wellness with its new online-only Intimate Care category starting February 1. To kick off the beauty boutique’s hottest venture, its virtual aisles are currently stocked with vibrating, clitoral-sucking, and tow-curling favorites from two of the buzziest names in sex tech, Maude and Dame. “Sephora’s Intimate Care brands will encompass sexual wellness, feminine hygiene, hormonal care, and more, and they were selected with inclusivity and accessibility as our top priority,” the retailer said in a statement sent to Allure.

Maude, which labels itself as a “modern sexual wellness company,” is known for perfectly balancing the intersection between sex and beauty. That’s why it was a no-brainer for actor Dakota Johnson to hop on the brand’s bandwagon as an investor and co-creative director. The best part about this brand is that every single product is under $50, including its Allure-approved vibrator, Vibe. In case you’re not familiar, this trendy flutter-tipped vibe is known for its simplicity (it has only three speed settings) and can be used to precisely stimulate all your erogenous zones for an endless amount of good vibrations.

Drop, meanwhile, has a teardrop shape for more of a rumbly, all-over sensation like a classic wand vibrator, just without the wand part. Whichever you choose to get your rocks off with, make sure you get the most out of them by pairing them with a great personal lubricant, like Shine. It’s aloe-based and has a slippery, non-gooey feel that mimics your body’s wetness and won’t break down your silicone devices or condoms like other lubes can.

For people who want to try sparking a sexual flame with something a little kinkier, the Burn Massage Candle is a great place to start. This candle was made for foreplay, midplay, after-play, and just about everything in between, all while making your skin feel soft and velvety, thanks to its moisturizing jojoba oil-based formula.

If you live in New York City, you may recognize the sexual wellness brand Dame through its “Get In Touch With Yourself” campaign that’s scattered across the transit system (which the brand fought really hard for, by the way). Now, it’s bringing its sex-positive outlook to Sephora customers across the nation with a few of Dame’s best-selling vibrators, like the G-spot-stimulating Arc.