This App Lets You “Try On” Plastic Surgery Results

Different prompts will appear — remove glasses, come closer, etc. — to help ensure you take a high-quality photo for optimal results later. It’s a little like setting up Face ID for an iPhone: you’ll be guided through five different angles to capture your face’s image — center, left, right, up, and down.

Jaclyn Smock

Once your face is aligned, it’ll turn green, and you’ll be prompted to hit “start scanning” at the bottom of the screen. After you’ve gone through all the prompts, your pictures will be rendered into a high-resolution 3D scan. This image will then appear on the screen, and that’s what you’ll use to try on the procedures of your choice. The image can rotate left or right for side views, but not upward and downward.

The procedures are separated into six categories: brows, eyes, jaw/chin, lips, nose, and skin. You’ll see the treatments you can try within each category, from brow transplants to chin filler. (To choose these 250 services, the app teamed up with Acupoll for a trend survey that revealed the biggest aesthetic concerns for Gen Z and millennials — its most popular users.) 

It’s important to note that some services, including rhinoplasty, are only available with the Pro version, which offers one-month, six-month, or 12-month subscription options from $6.99 to $55.99 per month. The pro version also includes access to new procedures before anyone else, an exclusive booking benefit for up to $400 toward a procedure with one of the providers, and access to a personal Aesthetic Expert to assist you.

Jaclyn Smock

After you select a service, there’s a slider below the image to adjust the intensity of the treatment up to 100 percent. There’s also an explanation of the treatment and how long the expected results will last when applicable.

On the left side of your photo, you’ll see different options, like resetting your rendering to try a new treatment, undoing the service, saving, and sharing. There’s even an option to split your face rendering in half so the changes are easy to compare.

Once you’re happy with how the treatment looks on you, you’ll hit the “Shop My Look” button in the upper right corner and enter your zip code to see the available providers in your area so you can book an appointment. Each provider has a profile page where you can see their title, their years of experience, past photos of their work, the procedures they perform, and past reviews.

The Takeaway

As far as the “try on” aspect of the app goes, it’s super easy to use. It allows the user a “pre” pre-consultation from the comfort of their home on their own time and offers a knowledgeable introduction to the world of plastic surgery without being overwhelming. I also really appreciated that the app comes with a built-in Concern & Solution Database, which, according to Dr. Kennedy, features “over 400 user-friendly, medically-accurate procedure guides that break down everything you need to know about cost, recovery, results, and more.”