Did Jennifer Aniston Get Bangs?

Jennifer Aniston‘s already in the beauty history books for that iconic Rachel haircut, so naturally, our collective interest is piqued any time she makes a hair change. She’s made a few over the years, though for the longest, it seems she’s stuck to blonde highlights and much longer layered cut, with the longest pieces of hair falling towards her chest. On February 8, Aniston hopped on social media to show the world that she’s switched her favored look up slightly by adding some side-swept bangs.

The Friends actor is currently filming her new movie, Murder Mystery 2, with Adam Sandler, so she posted an Instagram carousel giving a behind-the-scenes look of on-set antics. In the first photo, she is seen with the new fringe while embracing her costar. These bangs are on the longer side and cover some of her eyebrows. The rest of her hair falls in lightly tousled waves that end a few inches below her collarbone.

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The Dumplin’ star doesn’t often switch up her hair, so we’re kinda hoping she sticks with this style for a bit. Of course, there is a chance that this haircut may just be a look for the new film. Either way, we’ll be here waiting to see if she posts a few more photos to give her over 39 million Instagram fans more views of the lovely fringe.