Dyson’s New Airwrap Attachment Is Made for Curly Hair Types

At this point, the Dyson Airwrap multi-purpose hot tool is so beloved that you could stop anyone with good hair on the street and they’ll probably list the tool as their trusted hair styler. If you’re unfamiliar, the Dyson Airwrap is currently one of the most revolutionary hair tools to exist — it’s won a handful of Allure Best of Beauty and Readers’ Choice Awards, so take it from us. This multi-styling tool’s impressive power comes from an aerodynamic technique called the Coanda effect. In layman’s terms, its design propels air at just the right speed and pressure to create a spinning vortex around the styler’s attachments. The results are a salon-like finish that requires less heat and reduces hair damage.

As if this TikTok-viral tool could be even better, the high-tech brand just released a new wide-tooth comb attachment, a major upgrade for all type 3 and 4 curly hair types to enjoy.  

Made with tighter curls, coils, and kinks in mind, this new attachment — which may look familiar if you own the brand’s Supersonic blow dryer’s wide-tooth comb attachment — works to lengthen and define curls as it dries. Like all Dyson hair devices, the brand’s engineering team designed it to enhance the usual hair-styling experience by beveling and rounding the comb’s tips for a smoother, pain-free glide without any sharp edges pulling your hair or scratching your scalp. 

“Historically, those with curly and coily hair experience a huge lack of innovation when it comes to solutions for drying their hair type,” the brand said in a statement sent to Allure. “What limited options that are available can be poorly designed with sharp teeth that are prone to snapping and breaking, causing hair damage and a lack of drying efficiency.” 

This comb is way more impressive than your average manual hair pick. It features 16 soft-tipped prongs that the brand notes are “considerably bigger” than the combs you may be used to, including the Supersonic’s wide-tooth comb attachment which only has 13 prongs. At the center of the attachment, you’ll find a flexible bar that allows each tooth to conform to the shape of your scalp, similar to its predecessor. This interesting feature lets the comb detangle while reducing the risk of hair damage like breakage, pulling, or knotting — pretty cool, huh?