Mary J. Blige Wore Super Long Rapunzel Hair to the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Hey, did you guys hear? Some dudes apparently have the audacity to try to play football before and after tonight’s inexplicably short (“halftime” — whatever), internationally televised throwback hip-hop concert. Weird, right? Like, can we please just hear Mary J. Blige sing her classics without a bunch of men pummeling each other and throwing a pointy ball? And just as importantly, can we linger on her look for a while? Because it’s basically the best thing about the Super Bowl. (Your uniforms really do tell a lovely color story, though, guys — props.)

Tym Wallace and Porsche Cooper served as Blige’s hairstylist and makeup artist, respectively, and they did not disappoint. (Do they ever? Of course not. They’re her go-to glam squad for a reason.) We were kept in suspense while Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent got the halftime show going with their best-known hits — but then the glory that is Mary J. Blige was revealed as we heard the familiar beat of “Family Affair.”

Wearing an incredible outfit that looked not unlike an animal-print shattered mirror ball from high neck to sparkling, extra-long manicure to thigh-high boots, Blige emerged wearing Rapunzel hair that grazed the top of that footwear. The nearly platinum blonde color was accented by super soft, loose curls, while the middle part was flanked by natural-looking, light brown, contrasting roots.

Getty Images