Puff, Puff, Come Again Another Day

Puff, Puff, Come Another Day on

This behaviour intrigues me.

As a fashion lover, I can be so full-on for something one minute then swap allegiance in a heartbeat. I never fall out of love I simply have many loves – when it comes to coats. One minute I’m all worked up about the puffer and the next I’m 100% thinking about all styles of khaki jackets.

Consistent with a dash of classic and a pinch of fickle probably describes me best.

This is not to say I support frivolous buying – never – my range of fashion must-haves are repetitive and on recycle mode; coming full circle much of the time. It’s more I crave change and mixing it up. So many pieces are with me forever but we all need a break from each other every now and then. Especially when talking coats. Don’t misunderstand I absolutely adore my puffer jackets – long and short – the more tailored overcoats or double-breasted pea coats but this very moment I am fancying a touch of khaki. It may have something to do with a few weekends in the countryside or it simply could be the thought of spring. Who knows?

Saint Laurent may have figured it out first but other options are aplenty.

As my fickle fingers searched I did come up with a few fabulous finds for you. xv

SO Khaki Fabulous

yes, yes please – this & other stories nylon trench coat – even works over the pj’s

the classic – can’t live without o’neill utility jacket or the slightly more fancy, mother

something slicker – the rails utility is very cute

something more casual, the shirt and jacket in one – quilted good american shacket

And change up the nails with a coat of chanel 532