All The Hidden Meanings You Missed in Euphoria’s Makeup This Season

Subtle doesn’t mean boring, though; in fact, it let Davy be even more strategic about what she wants to communicate through the looks. Each carefully chosen rhinestone, eye shadow shade, and flick of liner means something deeper. Below, Davy breaks down all the hidden messages you may have missed. 

Cassie Howard 

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For this season, Davy had two go-to vibes for Cassie (played by Sydney Sweeney): Her classic looks, and her wannabe Maddy looks. A classic Cassie look usually includes “soft shimmers on her eyes; a lot of pinky peachy, soft shimmering tones, obviously adorned with tiny rhinestones, accentuating her lower lash line with a lot of mascara. Sometimes I dot the roots to make them look fuller,” says Davy. “It’s definitely in the baby doll kind of aesthetic with a little bit of a 1960s influence, and always with this kind of flush, moist skin where you can almost feel the heat, and her nerves and her anxiety kind of busting through that.” Even when there is a liner moment, it’s generally smaller, more upturned wings, or a double liner to keep the ‘60s vibe going — like in Nate’s fantasy on the bearskin rug or in the bathroom scene. 

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On the flip side, her Maddy-inspired — or Caddy, as Davy calls them — looks are sharper and bolder. For the first Caddy look that appears, we see Cassie in stark white eyeliner with big silver rhinestones — a much bolder take on sparkles than Cassie’s tiny floating rhinestones in episode one. Davy said she wanted to take Maddy’s carnival look from last season and inverse it. “It needed to be extremely bold and visible from across the hallway for the sake of getting Nate’s attention,” she says. “At first I was going to do a baby blue situation because that’s kind of Cassie’s signature color. In my and Sydney’s eyes, we just associate baby blue with her. I realized that actually going with the stark white would pop more on her skin tone. I thought white would also look kind of jarring, a little weird — borderline off, just shocking. She’s really going through it to be morphing into her best friend.”

“There’s definitely a comedy to it, especially with those looks,” Davy says. “The Maddy look is weirdly haunting on her because it’s just like, ‘That’s so not you.’ But then it finally gets Nate’s attention. It was meant to be an attention grabber and to even be a tiny bit uncomfortable to see — even the baby hairs, the overlined brown lips. It’s that secondhand embarrassment because it looks extra dramatic on her. And then the white was definitely a choice to make it look even more strange and odd.”

Maddy Perez


For Maddy’s makeup this season, Davy let actor Alexa Demie take the lead. “Alexa came in with really strong ideas about her makeup this season,” says Davy. “She as well was really thinking about the makeup from season one to season two and didn’t want to do a repetitive situation. I feel like her looks this season are, because they came from her head, they’re very Alexa. Alexa meets Maddy.”