Hairstylist Chris Appleton and Daughter Just Gave His Mom a Glam Transformation

Watch the full transformation below, and read on for a father-daughter conversation that’ll make you say “awww.”

CHRIS: When you were young, I used to practice on you. You’d have these high-fashion looks. At the age of six, you had blue extensions in. There’s a picture of you on the [playground] and you have a ponytail longer than Ariana [Grande]’s. Before I did Ariana’s hair like that, I did yours!

KITTY-BLU: I was always that girl with my hair done and a full face of makeup. Because of social media, everyone at school was like, “Oh, can you get your dad to do my hair?” I was like, “No!”

CHRIS: It’s funny, when I’d do your hair, you would say, “I think we should add lipstick to this.” You always had a vision for makeup.

KITTYBLU: Makeup was my hobby and passion. It was my escape from school. I hated math and English.

CHRIS: I can relate to that. I was not that academic, but I was always very artistic. I’m really happy that you could find your confidence with makeup [so young]. I don’t think I had that. My confidence grew over time.

KITTYBLU: I remember seeing you [do Jennifer Lopez’s hair] at the Super Bowl [two years ago]. I knew you were stressed because…obviously! But to see you go out and do it and to get the response you did… it motivated me.

CHRIS: We’re all human beings and we all feel nerves and we all feel fear. But if you believe in what you’re doing and what you’re saying, it will just happen. I’m so proud that you’ve really done the work. When you got that email from Guess to work on their digital campaign, you got your kit, went off, and did it. And they booked you again! So many people reach out to you.

KITTYBLU: Social media has helped massively.

CHRIS: It can be a double-edged sword. The world can be a scary place, [and so can] Los Angeles. [But] it’s my job to help you see the world. I like that you know what you want. I know your makeup when I see it.