When In Doubt Go Nude

Ballet pink or nude is one of those comfort shades.

I find I gravitate towards these neutrals with a “touch of feminine” at certain times.

Whether it’s lips, cheeks, nails, bags or shoes there is something about the nudes that forever make comebacks.

I put together my favourite “feel goods” before the world turned once more. It’s hard to concentrate, to write about unimportant matters when our hearts are breaking. Please let there be an end soon. xv

Go Nude

This most divine blouse in nude pink is on sale.

Top off in mr mittens.

Gloss over in 06 bare nude.

Wrap up in this divine nude hooded trench coat.

Press down ever so gently with this compact from Bobbi Brown.

Square toe it in these ballet flats.

Matte Mac in viva glam 11 and velvet teddy.

I’m wanting to try the posse queen from Fenty.

And the liquid highlighter in platinum pink.

This clutch is one for serious daydreaming.

Hermes blush powder for a soft glow and that orange packaging.