I Tried the Silk Curler That Has TikTok in a Chokehold

In today’s episode of TikTok made me try it, we’ve got silk hair curlers. Those long foam tubes covered in silk or satin have been all over the social media platform and are quickly becoming the new, cool way to get heatless curls. A few brands have taken note and started manufacturing their own versions of the social media-famous styling tool. The formula is simple: foam tube, silky fabric covering, two little scrunchies of the same material to secure your strands, and a jaw clip to hold it all in place.

Its ubiquity on my timeline was enough for me — I pulled up my work inbox to see which brands were making them and sure enough, the good folks at LilySilk already had one on deck. Theirs is the Silk Curling Headband and Scrunchie Set, but you can also find versions at Kitsch (similar set here), Amazon, and more.

Before I did anything, I had to blow out my hair. I did a little YouTube sleuthing for some tutorials from people with Afro-textured hair. I typically wear my 3C/4A strands in a braid-out or wash-and-go, but some styles require a stretched-out base. I quickly learned that this was one of them. I grabbed my Y by Yusef Rake Comb and my Drybar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush and got to work. I parted my hair in two, then into smaller sections that I would detangle, spray with a little heat protectant (Philip B’s Thermal Protection Spray), then run over with the dryer brush until the section was fully stretched. Before getting started with the curler, I smoothed a small amount of Bread Beauty’s Hair Oil through my hair, paying extra attention to my slightly scraggly ends. Note to self: get a trim ASAP. 

My blow-dried hairCourtesy Jihan Forbes