Zendaya Nailed the 1960s Hair Flip Like No One Else Can

During Fashion Week, the beauty looks created backstage are often just as eye-catching as the clothing on the runway. Each season, we eagerly tune in to see them all, and the looks in the front row are usually just as enviable. One prime example:  Zendaya‘s entire ensemble at the Valentino Fall Winter 2022/2023 show in Paris. The Euphoria star looked stunning in a hot pink pantsuit, a classic 1960s-inspired hair flip, and black winged eyeliner

Despite how simple this look may appear to be, the Emmy winner still managed to make it extraordinary. Her honey-blonde highlighted lob was straightened and parted on the side, with the very front pieces of hair tucked behind her ears on both sides. The flipped ends add a retro touch to the hairstyle, and they give the hair some serious bounce. 

Her smoky, inky eye look complements her sleek hair, too. The actor’s eyes were lined with black eyeliner that was smoked out along the lower lash line. The liner on her eyelids was shaped into long, sharp wings that extend to the tails of her eyebrows. Pink blush was dusted on her cheeks to match her hot pink ensemble, and lips were coated with a neutral lip gloss

Zendaya at the Valentino Fall Winter 2022/2023 show in Paris.

Getty Images