Saweetie’s Blonde-to-Pink Ombré Hair Is Living in My Mind Rent-Free

It’s now a matter of fact: Saweetie can pull off pretty much every hair color that exists. We won’t be listening to any arguments to the contrary! Whether she’s rocking some super on-trend money piece highlights or candy-apple-red hair, the rapper is a bonafide pro at taking on any hue and making it work for her. In true form, the rapper blew us away once again on March 8 when she posted a shot of her new cotton candy-colored ombré bob to her Instagram Story. 


You’ll see the pastel-to-rich pink hue concentrated at the ends of her otherwise bleach-blonde strands, creating that dip-dyed ombré effect. We’ve definitely seen Saweetie with a super pale blonde hair color — recently, even when she decided to get a buzz cut at the end of December of 2021. 

This new ombré color only just made it to the ‘Gram, but it seems like she’s been wearing it for a few days now. She was recently seen with the same look at the USC versus UCLA basketball game on March 5 in Los Angeles.