Can TikTok Filters Help You Do Makeup?

Filters have been a hotly contested point of discussion in recent years due to their ability to alter (or even rate) one’s appearance in photos and videos. But content creator Grace Choi is attempting to flip the word’s tainted reputation on its back with her TikTok filters

Unlike the filters that promise to adjust your features to your liking, Choi says that her versions are meant to help you put on makeup by serving as “a personalized stencil for every viewer, [telling] them exactly where to place products on their face to achieve [the] desired result.” In other words, they’re designed to make putting on makeup a breeze.  

One of Choi’s filters that have resonated with TikTokers is her one for contouring, which she claims can help one achieve “perfect cheekbones.” She demonstrates how the filter works in a two-minute video that she posted on February 27. Prior to the filter appearing on her face, Choi places dots of highlighter onto the high points of her cheekbones, noting that this is the priming step before going in with cream contour

After she blends the highlighter in with a makeup sponge, the filter suddenly emerges on Choi’s face. It’s basically a collection of pink-dotted lines that meet in the middle of the face and extend outward, but the areas highlighted in blue are where Choi says that the contour should be placed. 

In turn, users of this filter will be able to create that chiseled “V-line shape” along the cheekbones. At the end of the video, she suggests repeating the process a second time if you’d like “to deepen the contour.”

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Even though Choi’s intentions with this filter are to purely help others in their pursuit of carefully contoured cheekbones, makeup artist Suzy Gerstein isn’t too keen on the idea of using filters when applying makeup. 

“Makeup should be adornment and celebration of style, mood, creativity rather than adherence to a rigid formula of perceived standards of beauty,” Gerstein explains. She adds that “young women,” in particular, are already up against a lot of “pressure” to look a certain way — pressure that comes both from internal and external sources. However, Gerstein does commend Choi for her blending technique and her contour placement. “If she wants to use a filter for that, more power to her,” she says. “I am impressed with her ingenuity.”