Kelly Rowland’s Butt-Length Hair Is Defying the Laws of Physics

Due to the rise in lengthy hairstyles from our favorite celebs, I think there’s a group chat swirling around somewhere with a notice to get with it or get lost. A few have chosen to spruce it up in styles that had us hair-crushing and wanting to take cue from them. 

We can’t forget Mary J. Blige’s iconic super bowl performance, and how her extra-long Rapunzel hair stole the show. How about when Demi Moore’s natural and luscious ‘do had us put on notice that those long, soft waves were definitely all hers? There was Megan Thee Stallion’s recently lengthy swirls of hair with flirty bangs. Also very recently, Cardi B served up a Cher-esque moment just in time for date night. Now joining the conversation is Kelly Rowland, and there were long talks about it at the 2022 iHeart Music Awards on March 22 due to the distraction she caused with her butt-length hair.

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The style was done by hairstylist Kahh Spence for the Houston legend’s award presentation to our other hair queen, Megan Thee Stallion — and we noticed in the midst of a suspected hair whip its incredible ability to levitate. It even managed to magnify the sheen and lushness of its deep brown hair color. Honestly? It has us wanting to attempt at trying not only a long style ourselves but a whip just as epic. Even if our necks may pay for it later!

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