Lizzo’s Purple Crocodile French Manicure Reminds Us so Much of Euphoria

Another day, another manicure from Lizzo that has blown our minds. As always, the singer shared a look at her new nail set by way of Instagram stories. The March 26 debut of Lizzo’s nail set indicates that it was inspired by the scaly skin of the crocodile. Nail artist Eri Ishizu was behind the reptilian masterpiece. 

If the thought of crocodiles and their scaly skin make all the hairs on your back stand up, not to worry  — Ishizu made the scales look super cute. Each scale was finely painted in a unique shade of purple and encased in a lavender-colored background. 

Thanks to the manicure’s vibrant color scheme, thoughts of the massive creature lurking in some murky water did not come to mind. However, this playful manicure reminded us of the nail art in Euphoria‘s second season that was just as explosive as the show’s suspenseful plot. They bear a similar resemblance to Maddy’s scaly mermaid net nails except frightening reptiles weren’t the inspiration behind the pattern. 

In addition to experimenting with this rather unusual design, Lizzo is also giving square-shaped nails another go-around. This is the second time that we’ve seen the singer trade square tips for her go-to stilettos as of late. She first gave the shape a try at the SXSW 2022 festival. 

Now, crocodile scales may not be the most coveted nail design out there, but Lizzo proves that they can look super cute with the right color story. Once again, the singer and her trusty nail artist continue to broaden our nail art horizons. 

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