When Rihanna Posts a Selfie in a Skin-Care Mask, It’s Art.

We believe that Rihanna can master just about anything. She makes being a mother-to-be look so effortless, but taking a walk in her stilettos would be nothing short of difficult (yet epic). Since launching both of her Fenty beauty brands, she has proven time and again that she can take the industry by storm. We’re grateful to not only receive the deets on what’s been keeping her going through her pregnancy but also to be a witness to Fenty Beauty’s and Fenty Skin’s new heights — including a new home at Ulta Beauty. And alas, a new product has arrived for the latter. 

Apart from what we can only assume is a pregnancy glow, we imagine that maintaining Rihanna’s skin includes a strict self-care regime that includes a whole lot of Fenty Skin products. By way of Instagram on April 18, the Badgal revealed the latest Fenty Skin product to hit the market: the Cookies N Clean detox face mask.

I’d start by saying that one: I want to eat it. Two: how can a person make a spa night look this cool? Clever in its concept and packaging, the mask — pale white in color with specks of something black — does indeed look like cookies and cream ice cream. While holding the product up, she wears a simple, short, square-shaped manicure we couldn’t help but notice, too, and free-fall braids in the coolest, carefree style. 

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