Greta Lee Finally Gets to Wear Different Eyeliner in Russian Doll

“I aspire to [her looks], but I have to be honest, I’m much more [prone to wearing] sunscreen, no makeup, or just concealer. I’m much more classist when it comes to my makeup routine.” For Lee, a longtime New Yorker who recently located to Los Angeles, sunscreen is the most vital of these three.

“It’s all about the skin and sun protection, especially now that I’m on the west coast. The sun here is truly insane. I’ve turned into one of those 90-year-old women with a large sun hat and driving gloves,” she jokes. “I’m Korean-American, and a lot of the women in my family prefer not to be exposed to the sun at all. They are truly perplexed by how tan I am. They’ve accused me of switching professions; one of them asked me if I’m now a professional athlete because I’m so inexplicably applicably tan.”

So what kind of sunscreen is up to Lee’s standards? “I love zinc —  like full-spectrum, thick, gloppy, white sunscreen, just to prove to my relatives that I am wearing sunscreen,” she insists. Two of her favorite zinc-based formulas: Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50 and Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32.  

Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50

Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32

For Lee, cleansing her skin is equally as important as protecting it, though it took a long time to come to that realization.

“I have to have that at SK-II cleansing oil, especially for work. I’m serious about how I clean my skin, and for years, I didn’t realize I was doing it completely wrong,” she explains, noting the importance of removing her makeup after filming. “Along with what I think is a lot of people, I was over-cleansing my skin with foaming cleansers that were just completely stripping my face. Now I know I just have to put oil on my face in huge quantities,” she says, and she attributes her healthy skin to one serum-oil duo in particular.

“Oh my God! My ultimate favorite product that I want to scream about to everyone is this Muri Lelu duo,” she says. “I’m obsessed with that product. I swear, they don’t pay me; this is not a hashtag ad. I feel like this has single-handedly changed my skin. It’s a beautiful product.”

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

Muri Lelu Full Flower Ritual

“I am a real maniac about skin, and there’s so much product out there, but I’m trying to whittle down and simplify because I do think we’ve over-steered and gotten too crazy with our skin care. I’ve cooled [exfoliating] a little bit as an experiment,” she says, crediting one skin-care professional with her skin’s transformation.