This Is Selena Gomez’s Glowiest Selfie Ever

Golden hour: that perfect time of day, when the sun is about to set and a veil of (flattering) light illuminates everything it falls upon. As many of us are already aware, it’s a great time for taking selfies, and making use of it is key to good – make that great — Instagram game.

Selena Gomez‘s latest post is a great example. “Thought this was cute,” she captioned the photo, which showed her radiant and relaxed outdoors, bathed in golden hour light. With luminous skin, tousled waves in her new bob and a crochet cardigan, the singer and Rare Beauty founder looked like she was living her most wholesome life.

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With summer rolling in, here are some tips on how to make the most of golden hour, Selena-style. The first is to take advantage of highlighter, which is the perfect partner for beautiful light. Some of the best to try now include Fenty Beauty’s Liquid Killawatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter, NARS’s Afterglow Cheek Palette, and Rare Beauty’s Positive Liquid Light Luminizer.

Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter

Nars Afterglow Cheek Palette

Rare Beauty Positive Liquid Light Luminizer

On eyes, look to metallic formulas, like Vieve’s Shimmer Eye Wands or Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eyeshadow Sticks, for a little shimmer and shine that is super easy to apply. Don’t forget lustrous limbs: For those, look no further than Tom Ford’s Soleil Shimmering Body Oil – not only does it make skin look fabulous, it also smells dreamy. A dusting of bronzer – try Guerlain’s Sun-Kissed Healthy Glow Powder – and you’re good to glow.

Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Stick

Tom Ford Soleil Shimmering Body Oil

Guerlain Sun-Kissed Healthy Glow Powder

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