The Old Is Forever New

Remember your first?

Denim jacket.

The excitement, the feeling we were right on it and in the moment. Denim had a way of doing that and made me feel like I was exactly on track to whatever I thought was “it”. Levi’s current tagline, “look good on your way to what’s next” continues to resonate pretty highly these days.

Denim is never tired. I don’t remember a time when the jeans weren’t a staple. The denim jacket was a little less popular but has made regular appearances over the decades. This season it is back and with a vengeance. The runway designers have lauded that the denim jacket – in all sorts of reincarnations – is the jacket du jour.

Do you still have yours?

Mine have disappeared in one of my less rational moves and now I want them back. Blue, white – yes, I really want a white one – trucker style and oversized are good to go with everything.

I don’t believe we need the investment pieces when it comes to a denim jacket. These all work for me. xv

p.s Denim not your thing? This safari style could just be the answer.

Denim Jackets This Way

go blue

levi’s trucker  ||  helena denim ||  jolene denim  ||  good american denim

go white

liverpool denim  ||  mulholland denim   ||  eileen fisher denim  ||  nicole trucker

go fancy

officine générale  ||  re-done 70’s embroidered jacket  ||  alex mill brit denim

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image via levi strauss & co