By Crash redaction

This season, Givenchy presents an avant-garde, statement-making men’s fashion sneaker conceived by Creative Director Matthew M. Williams as his « dream shoe » and developed exclusively by Givenchy. First spotted on the runway for Spring 2022, this unique style now has become an essential component of the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2022 collection. In naming the sneaker TK-360, Matthew M. Williams alludes to its singular « total knit » construction while hinting at exciting possibilities to come. The TK-360 is an original, fully knitted piece produced using completely new, state-of-the-art technology. Its radical shape and bold lines firmly place it in the style vanguard, further consolidating the designer’s daring vision for the House. Revolutionary for its single-piece structure, the TK-360 fuses technical prowess with a disruptive shape that is as visually arresting as it is comfortable. Its bold, custom-molded silhouette features a classic stretch knit upper that is fully integrated with the sole, making it possible to walk directly on the knit. A singular tread motif ensures an exclusive footprint, while subtle plays on texture and contrasting Givenchy lettering complete this daring style.

For Pre-Fall 2022, the Givenchy TK-360 men’s sneaker is available in classic black or white as well as seasonal shades of acid yellow, graphite gray, camel beige, navy, and light pink.
Price: 750 euros.
The Givenchy TK-360 will be available in-store and online in early May in selected markets before rolling out worldwide through July 1st, 2022.