By Crash redaction

Jil Sander is proud to announce the publishing of a new volume in the ongoing series of Lucie and Luke Meier’s collaborations with artists and photographers. Featuring the work of photographer Chris Rhodes, the book is available at Jil Sander stores and online, and through selected retailers worldwide. With an invitation to portray the Summer 2022 creations in the context of a city, the collection’s main inspiration, Rhodes roamed the streets of Paris with a group of accomplices searching for coincidences and chance encounters. Every picture has a delicate balance and intimacy, offering a unique insight into the creative process and intentions behind Lucie and Luke Meier’s aesthetic. The language is modern documentary photography and experimental cinema. The sequence of images is a non-linear, effortless choreography of contacts and connections, volumes, shapes, colours, found objects, light, glimpses of buildings and streets, day and night. Paris is barely discernible. It acts as an allegory for all cities, a mood rather than a specific place, as a symbol of urbanity and our desire and need of being together and free.