By Crash redaction

The Miu Wander handbag by Miuccia Prada is a rediscovery and re-exploration of the identity of Miu Miu. Made from the tactile matelassé leather,  it is simultaneously playful and sophisticated. The curved lines of the Wander underscore an omnipresent femininity and the pillowy surface invites touch. The handle, punched through the body of the bag itself, offers innate practicality, fusing pragmatism with decoration. With this bag you have the freedom to wander at will. In the same spirit, the actress Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria and The White Lotus) stars as the face of the Miu Wander in the campaign photographed by Tyrone Lebon. The spirit of rebellion embodied by Sydney’s characters mirrors the ethos of Miu Miu, a twisted luxury energized by youthful rule-breaking. Across the campaign, Sydney is reframed within her craft, captured in imagery that recalls classic film stills. These portraits seem like fragments of a wider narrative, enigmatic and elusive, switching between different contexts, different moods and feelings, they encourage the viewer to imagine scenarios, devise plots. They inspire the mind to wander. Discover the campaign images and video below.