By Crash redaction

Founded in Seoul in 2011 by Hankook Kim, Gentle Monster is a world-renowned eyewear brand that creates highly experimental, fiercely contemporary frames, following a design agenda that ranges from the extraordinary to the understated. Always primed for collaboration and dialogue, Gentle Monster has partnered with Moncler Genius for the first time, with a collection that extends from frames to include clothing and accessories with this broader offering defined by their unmistakable creative vision. Digital culture inspires the collection, namely the pervasive ‘swiping’ that denotes emotions, instant gratification, and approval in the online world. The theme features on everything from eyewear, to puffer jackets, and jersey pieces, questioning the limiting binary nature of this universal habit. Some frames employ swiping mechanisms as closures, with the Moncler logo elongated as if it has been swiped over. On one pair of oversized square sunglasses, the swipe functions as the metal hinge of an otherwise completely black design. Compelling monochrome black dominates the clothing collection, creating a bold, yet sympathetic canvas for the signature eyewear. Details and bold silhouettes add refined drama to hooded down jackets, sleeveless down jackets, and recycled nylon and polyester shell jackets, alongside technical tops and trousers, tees and sweatshirts. Accessories include a selection of hoods made with recycled polyester, pouches and bags made with recycle nylon, and boots.