Unravelling The Raffia

Unravelling The Raffia on

Who doesn’t love a basket?

The designer community seems to be full-on with the rakish raffia this season. In the spirit of disclosure I put my hand up as loving a basket – all and every – to carry, store or decorate with. They are the holiday memento I struggle home with from far and near and it would seem, in my mind at least, that no two are the same.  Some of my shopping companions may beg to differ.

It’s not possible for all of us to travel to exotic destinations and source our own treasures but neither is investing heavily in a basket where I want to make my fashion commitment. Designer baskets right now, while very gorgeous, are big-ticket items.

My suggestion is to embellish the ones that are available at reasonable prices. If you can’t hop on the plane and find your own start bringing out the ribbons, threading the needles and opening the paint pots. A metre of vintage taffeta ribbon, a woolen pompom or two and a few old buttons can go a long way when it comes to decorating the raffia.

Not into that?

Then there are a few, but not easy to find, that will leave some change for the new style trench coat. xv

Unravelling The Raffia

no work just play

line net basket  ||  sophie basket   ||  mina basket  ||  george basket


summer rattan  ||  cross body woven   ||  morrocan sea grass  ||  small hobo bag  || hand woven straw

p.s  so totally cute

Could we carry this as a clutch? Probably not but I’ll work it in somewhere 🙂

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